Offering Gym, In-Home and Remote Services

Our Services

By receiving a personalized program which focus on the health, nutrition, and the four pillars of fitness (strength, cardio, balance and flexibility), you will be able to not only reach your fitness goals, but exceed them.

1-On-1 Private Sessions

Receive a fully personalized fitness program which takes into account your individual goals, interests and limitations.


Remote Coaching

A popular option for those who travel on a regular basis or those who are simply looking for a more affordable option.


Small Group Sessions

It's always more fun when you can workout with a partner or a small group of friends.

Why Choose Easy Day Fitness?


Enjoy the comfort and convenience of the location of your choosing. Either we will come to you with everything you need or you can come to us and get the full gym experience.  Whatever you choose, you will receive an exceptional workout!



No one wants to do the same style of workout everyday.  It can quickly become boring and also leads to plateaus in your progress.  By incorporating a wide range of cardio and resistance training, we will create workouts which will not only push you past your plateaus, but will make every workout more engaging and fun.


Motivation & Accountability

During your session you will receive the motivation needed to keep you progressing, but once the workout is over, you won't be abandoned.  We are there for you to help you on your journey by keeping you accountable even after the workout.


Every fitness program is designed with your individual goals and limitations in mind.  Each workout is structured to help you in your unique journey.  Do not settle for cookie cutter workouts when you can have a 100% personalized workout.

Our Four Pillars of Fitness

Your workout is uniquely designed to create a balanced program which incorporates all four pillars of fitness based on your individual strengths, weaknesses and goals.