Nick Vana

"My first priority is always to ensure that each person I work with has a well established foundation.  This includes ensuring proper form while developing their mobility, balance and flexibility.  This will provide the tools needed for a safe and effective workout.


Once a proper foundation has been established, I believe in developing a well rounded athletic individual by focusing on all four of the pillars of fitness (cardio, strength, balance and flexibility)."

After high school, Nick joined the Marine Corps where his passion for fitness developed.  He found himself not only expanding his own knowledge of fitness and nutrition, but assisting others to meet the Marine Corps fitness and body composition standards.  Nick knew he loved helping others and not only seeing their fitness improve, but their confidence as well.


After separating from the Marine Corps, Nick earned his certification as a personal trainer knowing that he wanted to continue working with others.  Over the years, Nick has had the pleasure of assisting thousnads of individuals to lose weight, become more fit and improve their general health.